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Sunday, 26 February 2017 | 9:29 am | 4 Rain[s]

assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera kepada penduduk bumi, uhuk uhuk. kecuali awak k, awak penduduk di hati saya muahahahahaha *silameninggal* okay first of all i just want to thanks to you cause you're spending your time to read my ntah pape nnti roger punya story. thank you guys, you're the best. according to my title pnya story, i know u guys must know what im going to talk about right? yeahhh betul tu, haaa yg taktahu continue baca k. people keep asking me the same question, and i keep telling them with the same answer. "weh asal kau berubah sgt ni?" "weh kau laki ke prempuan?" "weh knp kau mcm lelaki?" that's the question i get when im dressing up like a guy. but when i wear something feminine, they give this bullshit question "weh mcm perempuan siott" "weh perempuan ah kau rini" "alololoo ayunyee kakak ni" and im be like mothafuu**. bhahahaahah hahahaha kau nak ape setan hahahaa. no im okay with that kind of question. cause im start to get used to it. okay i wrote this story utk luahkan apa aku rasa bila dapat soalan mcm tu, im okay but im not emm eh? em em. 

okay, im the type of person yg suka bergurau kasar, cakap kasar, jalan serupa jantan, tapi tak bermaksud aku nak jdi jantan. kdg2 aku dressup org ckp mcm pengkid la tomboy la. no im not. im just wearing skinny, tshirt and my fav cap doesnt mean im a tom. doesnt mean im a penk bcs my hair was short. that's just one of my style. i dont want to be plain. i want to be me. ME = LIMITED EDITION. HOHOHOH *silameninggal* i still have feminine clothes and accesorries and and and im still wear heel sometimes *dependOnMyMood* so im not fully a guy or trying to be a guy. bila aku nak dressup mcm laki, aku akan pastikan lelaki habisan. and bila aku nk dressup mcm prempuan, aku akan pastikan feminine habisan. do you understand what im trying to tell u? if yes good. if not *silameninggal* bahahahaha. and some people keep treating like im their boyfriend. and seriously i hate that. tapi aku layankan jela sebab pikir member and pikir benda tu just gurauan. and sometimes aku treat someone tu sgt caring bkn sebab aku nak acah acah gentlemen tapi sebab aku appreciate dorang sebagai sahabat aku. bukan senang nk cari sahabat yg masuk air mcm kau, yg otak sama mcm kau, yg annoying mcm kau. that's why i treat them better cause im thankful for having them in my life *mydarklife* and they can accept me the way i am, the way i talk, the way i laugh, my joke *myhambarjoke* and yet they still laugh ermm ok out of the real topic. okay emm the other reason why im became like this because of  people around me. i dont want to be weak, or look like a weak human being. i still the same person you've ever met and had before. im just tired of being or look like other people. just to impressed people. im just being ME, im wearing what i like, what i want. that's my style. dressing like a guy or a girl. but doesnt mean i want to be a guy. i treat u well the way i want u to treat me. 

im dating myself cause no man can treat me better than "me" treating myself. why do i need a man when i can be my man.
i can trust myself.
i know myself well better than anyone else.
i know what i like or dislike.
so love yourself before u love someone else.
people nowadays just like a piece of bullshit. *oopssss
and last but not least, i tell u again.
im a girl not a tom, im look alike a guy but im not a penk. IT'S JUST ME BEING MYSELF.

hashtag thanks and sorry for my language.
hakak payung gambaq. kbye



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